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Aquapuncture is a method for adaptation of inland waterways and their waterfronts for their optimal economic and ecological use.


Waterways were always a focal point for settlements & economic activities. They were used for everything from drinking water supply, beer production, fishing, transport of persons and goods, defence but also as open sewer. All the inland waterways combined formed a slow waterway system, going through all the city centers and lakes and connecting them in a direct way. This changed with the rise of the much faster railway system directly adjacent to the inner cities and later on the fast highway network around the cities. The waterway system became to a certain extent obsolete and its main function was taken over especially by the faster road system. The spatial relation between the waterway and urban development became neglected.


Now we are once again fully aware of the significance of this unique relation between the waterways and the adjacent urban and rural habitats. Therefore we want to rediscover and revitalize the waterway network through ‘AQUAPUNCTURE’.


We introduce AQUAPUNCTURE for the benefit of six different user groups on, in and along the waterways. It combines the interests of all different actors which use, manage or adapt the waterways.


  1. Commercial shipping transporting persons & goods.
  2. Tourism and recreation boating.
  3. Water related sports: rowing, canoeing, rafting, fishing/angling, swimming, surfing, sailing.
  4. Special events like floating flower shows, naval parade of historical vessels, concerts on water, cruises with catering & music on board, shanty festivals.
  5. Waterfront development for entrepreneurs & users, including shore recreation, cultural heritage, food & beverage, footpaths, cycle tracks, public transport, parkingspace,moorings with facilities, loading/unloading platforms, container terminals, urban development with navigable waterways.
  6. Aquatic / terrestrial flora, fauna and micro-organisms


AQUAPUNCTURE is aiming at the overall improvement of the inland waterways and their waterfronts through physical adaptations, enhancing spatial qualities along the waterways, nautical safety ,realization of facilities, measures for improving the environment and mitigating measures with regard to climate change.


AQUAPUNCTURE addresses both small scale as well as large scale interventions and their interactions. We mention both because it’s interesting to note that even small scale interventions can already create remarkable positive effects.

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